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Lea Michele as Gertie on Sons of Anarchy

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yesitismytumblr asked: I'll bet money right now when some site post Di pictures that in the comment section more than one person will bring Lea into the conversation about attention. I think Naya get hate too but since in the GA Di is the classic beauty and Naya is the exotic beauty they get some leaway for what they do. Lea does not get that some pass. Which is ridiculous cause she is beauty too. Now the smoking cause Naya has the raspy voice they pretend it is ok and cause Di's isn't a singer that is fine .

Agreed I think vanity has a lot to do with it. I think a lot of people would rather seen Dianna and Naya naked than Lea. Which I agree makes no sense since she is also beautiful. Its like how sometime someone unconventional does something provocative and everyone is just like “why are you doing that?” but when someone more conventional or traditional does it everyone just loves it! 

And so what if it effects the voice. Its her voice. Its her choice what to do with it. I mean really are people really okay with Dianna and Naya smoking and slowly killing their lungs but not okay with Lea just because she is a singer?! Really?! People are stupid!

Clarification: I dont smoke. I dont like it. I think its unhealthy and expensive. But I see no issue with everyone else doing it if they want to.

yesitismytumblr asked: Lea got hate like that way Cory but that said if she posted a pic like that she would get so much hate. Attention whore would be the nicest insult thrown her way. Now Dianna is just taking classy pics, but she is trying to jump start this movie career and has resorted to nude photos, so it is no different than Lea getting sexy for a video. But it won't be spinned that way. The big difference is Lea has always likes a more risqué pic or clothes so Di is the one being different for attenention

Right?! Attention Whore would be exactly what she would get called. And now if she ever does do a nude photo shoot she’ll be called a copy cat (once again) too! And I see class as no issue. They shouldn’t have to worry about that. It would be nice yes, but I don’t think if their doing nude it is an absolute must. Lea did those things in her videos cause that whats hot right now. IDK if agree with everything you said about Dianna. I mean yeah she’s trying to jump start a movie career but I also know she is a good friend of the photographers and she has always been very “artistic”. I think shes just trying to show that she is a grown up. 

And can I just say how much I love that, while Dianna is trying to branch out and be known as more from that pregnant cheerleader from Glee, she still goes back! I mean I know the show is kind of total shit right now, but I have a lot of love and respect for an actor who doesn’t have to bash the show that made them. So many actors just go on later to talk about how much they hate the show and how once they leave they are never going back. She doesn’t! She works outside of it and still returns to her roots. Its incredible. And it ensures I see her on my tv! Yay!  

Smoking & Sexuality…

I find it so incredibly unfair that Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera can pose naked (or mostly naked, I don’t know whats on their lower halves) for Brian Bowen Smith and get so much positive feedback but when Lea Michele poses in a bra or does something semi - risque she’s slut shamed beyond belief. Don’t get me wrong I do not approve in slut shaming in any way but why is Lea seen as monster for doing while Naya and Dianna just get praised for it?

The same with smoking. We all know Dianna smokes. We’ve seen it, she has for a long while now. Naya smokes too, and recently even posted pics of her and her husband smoking in London. BUT the minute anyone see’s a cigarette anywhere near of Lea Michele all anyone can say is how “disappointed” they are (even when she was smoking for SOA) or how she’s not the same and how Hollywood has changed her. As if Dianna or Naya are the same people they were when Glee first started. They all changed. It happens!

It’s not right. And no I don’t think Dianna and Naya deserve flack for being naked or smoking but neither does Lea. Somehow though I think most of this “Lea shaming” thing has more to do with Lea’s dead boyfriend than anything else.

Anyone agree?

Not gonna lie I hate Girl Meets World as a sequel to Boy Meets World, and think it would have been just fine as a stand alone series not related to BMW at all BUT there is one thing I truly do adore about it…

Riley and Maya’s friendship! Its perfection and adorable at their finest! Maya’s constant use of pet names for Riley is just so sweet! (And it reminds me so much of what Faberry could have been, only younger and more innocent) 

What’s with all the shock about Lea being on S.O.A?

I kind of understand why S.O.A fans are concerned, my guess is they don’t even know Lea and just see her as the “Glee girl”.

BUT Glee fans? I mean did everyone forget that Lea was originally an actress on Broadway. Primarily taking on dramatic roles. And has been recognized numerous times for her acting talent. 

And no matter how much Paris Barclay loves her do you really think Kurt Sutter would let her on the show, on HIS HIT SHOWS FINAL SEASON, if he didnt think she had the chops? They don’t take guest stars lightly, where they just put everyone they can get on their show, like Glee does. Their careful about it and smart about it. She’s gonna be a waitress not a biker or gang member, I mean come on!

I’m excited as hell to see Lea on S.O.A. for no other reason other then I want to see her in something that isn’t Glee!!! And I’m not gonna lie, I dont really even like S.O.A. I tried to, I tried so badly cause I was so sure I would like it, and I love so many other gritty shows but I just couldn’t get behind it.

This could not possibly be more completely FUCKED up! Really what gives Anyone’s employer the right to say they won’t cover birth control because it is against your employers religious beliefs?! And the fact that their willing to cover Viagra? Although really the fact that their willing to cover that is not much of a shocker considering most of these employers are probably on it. This is just disgusting and wrong on every level. And isn’t this just another way for ppl to force their religious beliefs on others? #NotMyBossBusiness Giant #Fail by #USSupremeCourt. #MoveFowardNotBackward Keep your #Religious bull shit to yourself! #ProChoice #ProBirthControl #BirthControl #WomensRights #HobbyLobby #MoveFoward #NewsToday

This could not possibly be more completely FUCKED up! Really what gives Anyone’s employer the right to say they won’t cover birth control because it is against your employers religious beliefs?! And the fact that their willing to cover Viagra? Although really the fact that their willing to cover that is not much of a shocker considering most of these employers are probably on it. This is just disgusting and wrong on every level. And isn’t this just another way for ppl to force their religious beliefs on others? #NotMyBossBusiness Giant #Fail by #USSupremeCourt. #MoveFowardNotBackward Keep your #Religious bull shit to yourself! #ProChoice #ProBirthControl #BirthControl #WomensRights #HobbyLobby #MoveFoward #NewsToday

I kind of hate how much I want to see this. I just love the premise. 


I will never hurt you again… I will protect you…

I mean really! What does this mean?!?!?! 

FanFiction Questionnaire

1. How was the wonderful world of FanFiction introduced to you?

Believe it or not, I was actually introduced to FF through Grey’s Anatomy. At the time I loved Callie and Arizona so much, I wanted to see if there were any Fan illustrations or graphics so I constantly looked them up on the internet. I cam across a bunch of message boards where I saw they were refereed to as Calzona and began looking up that. But it was the Jessica Capshaw fan site where they highlighted their favorite fic each week that I found a bunch of the first fics I ever read.

2. Your initial thoughts?

So much confusion. I had never heard of FF, so I thought they were like really weird scripts. LOL. Maybe spoilers of what was to come but after reading a few it made no sense, so I looked it up and found out what it really was. When I finally understood it, I loved it. 

3. Are there any other sites besides that you read FF on?

Live Journal was my first discovery, after reading all (and I do mean ALL) of the Calzona fics I could on there, I did a Calzona FanFic search on Google and found FF.Net. Then I started seeing mentions of Tumblr, started reading there and it was only recently though that I also discovered A03.

4. Do you binge read?

At first hell yes! I read every Calzona fic on LJ and FF. Then when I ran out of stuff to read I decided to look up other shows fics. THIS WAS WHEN MY REAL FF OBSESSION BEGAN.

5. Most people associate shipping OTP’s with FF, do you?

I didn’t even know you could ship “random characters”. I only found this out when I started looking up Glee FF’s because I ran out of Calzona fics. I thought all the ships anyone wrote about were real couples. It was when I saw all these fics with Rachel and Quinn as a couple and was like “WHAT?!”, “Their not dating!”, once again, I was so confused. LOL! Ahh, Glee. I had loved it from the beginning and while I had no idea the Faberry fandom even existed at the time, I was so obsessed with the characters of Rachel and Quinn that I just had to know what these FF authors thought of them. Rachel because she was always my favorite being so driven and cute and my initial infatuation with Quinn was because she was just so damn pretty and sad. So discovering the holy grail that is Faberry, I decided to start reading all of those fics. And once again I do mean ALL.  

6. Do you write any FF, or are you just a reader?

Up until very recently I only ever read. I just began writing but it is such a slow moving process. Because while I consider myself a good writer, I cannot for the life of me write anything in any characters POV. Especially since the whole Glee fandom knows exactly what these characters sound and act like. You have to live up to it. Original characters I can write, previously hashed out characters, especially ones with as big of fan bases as the glee ones, I can not.

7. Now that you’re better acquainted with FF, are their any self imposed rules regarding which fics you will or wont read?

Unless the author seems to update regularly I really prefer not to read incomplete fics. It makes me a hypocrite cause I haven’t posted to my fic in months, but once you get into a story you’re always on edge to see what happens next, and too often I’ve read wonderful stories that right at their peek get dropped. So I decided to be more careful about what fics I read.

8. Is there anything you dislike about FF?

ANON reviewers who, and I get being I get being critical to help the authors writing, but when you get those people who just like to complain about the ship or insult a way of thinking you may have mentioned in your story, those people are just unnecessary. I also kind of hate when authors insist on giving a quota for the amount of reviews they must receive before they publish the next update. 

9. What are some of the shows/books/movies you read FF on?

Grey’s Anatomy, Twilight, Glee, Teen Wolf, One Tree Hill, and Pitch Perfect are all that come to mine right now.

10. What is your true number one OTP?

Faberry all the way!!! Unfortunately since Dianna Agron left Glee, I am finding fewer and fewer fics worth reading and updates to fics further and further apart but Faberry will always rank #1 with me.

11. Any other Ships you care to share?

The ones I actively read up on…

Glee: PezBerry (OTP #2), JulyBerry, FaPezBerry, Berrittana, and pretty much Rachel with anyone but Finn.

Twilight: Rosella a.k.a Rosalie and Bella. Recently though I have found a few fics I love that ship Bella with various Denali sisters. 

One Tree Hill: Brooke and Rachel or Brooke and Haley.

Teen Wolf: Alydia or Allison and Lydia.

Grey’s Anatomy: Calzona. But hardly any more. I really don’t like the way the show is going regarding these two.

Pitch Perfect: Becca and Chloe, Becca and Aubrey, Becca and Chloe and Aubrey.

12. Do you have any rules regarding OTP’s?

For Glee only. I ship with Rachel with everyone but Finn, and I ship Quinn with no one but Rachel. Also and it’s not much of a rule but still I ship exclusively femslash couples. I mean I’ll ship Rachel with boys too but not really.

13. Do you ship RPF?

Only Achele!

14. Do you have a favorite FF?

It’s so hard to pick only one but if I had to, I would choose Dirty Little Secret. Which coincidentally was one of the first Faberry fics I read and yet the sequel is still in a very slow moving progress. 

15. A favorite author? 

That I can definitely not pick only one, but I feel Sulkygeek deserves a significant mention. Her fics are super depressing and typically always depict something horrible happening to Rachel but she ships Faberry and her writing is incredible.