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THIS looks like 1000 different kinds of  WONDERFUL! So excited!

Naya Wants Ppl to Talk About It…

If she didn’t she would have kept completely quiet about it and not said a thing. Yes, it’s her twitter and she can post as she pleases, BUT seriously she wanted it to get attention. Twitter is a social media network used to give celebs a direct line to their fans. So all this “give her some time to grieve” or “don’t talk about a situation if you don’t know the full story” is kind of Bull S**t seeing as she was the one to bring it to light. Yeah, Star reported on it, and if she had said nothing then it would be different but NOPE she said something. This is all fine, I think. She wants him to be held accountable for the shit he pulled, but that means everyone else’s stay out of it scoldings are a moot point.

I.M.O- I find this so abrupt. I mean I never thought they would make it down the aisle but she had just posted about that article where they were picked as a cute engaged couple, and he and she had been commenting on one another’s Instagram pics just last week, AND just yesterday BS was out with her brother. Yes, I noticed she did t tweet about his birthday, but I just thought she didn’t tweet about it.

UPDATE: Sean may not have cheated (so he says but yeah right) but according to Naya he did steal!!!

Nothing Better! Nothing Greater!

dr-derick-fife asked: is just so infuriating and stupid that Lea gets blame for everything that happens in Glee, like she runs all the strings on that show. Everyone seems to forget that as good as their friendship might be, Ryan is the one in charge, he makes all the decisions and if someone gets added or cut, is on HIM not on Lea. I found it stupid to even believe that Lea controls Ryan's ideas or decisions about the show. Is Naya leaves or not is not because of Lea, so people should really be objective here.


Original New Directions Only Please & Thank You


No words to say how much I loved that they did in fact only put the true originals (with the obvious exception of Cory Monteith) in that last scene in the auditorium. Just Rachel, Tina, Mercedes, Artie, Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Puck, and Mike. AND that they didn’t try to force Blaine or Sam on us there too. I’m getting really sick of Blam.

Now all we need is for the show to only focus on them (the originals) for the rest of this season and next and all will be good again!

yesitismytumblr asked: Actually the rumor started way back on Jan 10 whne the Hollywood reproter did and articel and did not mention Naya being in NY. The it escalated at the 100th episode party and Naya did not do press it was at its peak. Still a week before Lea only mentioned the guys and her in NY. So yes Naya lied big time blaming it on Lea. Yet of course Lea still gets blame. Can you image if Lea said she was in NY and then she wasn't? Some got mad at the BTS lady for saying she was in 14.

Whats weird is I thought she was in 14. That “Friends” thing they did, I thought that was ep 14. But everyone is saying no. I don’t know about that it is possible she could be in that one, unless someone else has something from a reliable source confirming it really is for ep 13.

And I remember that interview with THR, I believe it was done with Leslie Goldberg? or something like that. She later tweeted in response though to all the questions she got about Santana not being mentioned by saying she didn’t mention Santana being in NYC because she was already there.

Also her skipping the interview thing was in fact weird. As I mentioned in a prev post, THAT was def something that made me sure she is in fact quitting. 

I just love how it seems Naya is putting the blame on Lea leaving her name out of her NYC interviews as the reason she was speculated to be leaving glee.  I’m sure absolutely none of the speculation was caused by her “" tweet. 

I mean yes I know Lea doing that, did cause some speculation but it wasn’t just that. It was her lack of being on set, her not being in NYC with rest of the NYC cast, her own start together end together tweet, AND her Prestige interview where she stated how she was happy where her character was in 100 when asked how she would like to see her progress.

I really do think Lea leaving Naya’s name out had to with the fact that Naya wasn’t filming any of the eps they had the scripts for. As far as we know Naya isn’t in 14, 15, or 16; and 17 (when Naya returns to filming) has just begun filming. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for Santana to be back in NYC with Rachel and Kurt but UHH!

Also I’m still not completely convinced she isn’t leaving though. Too many signs point to her no longer planning to be a regular on Glee. And there’s this too. It would be sad to see Santana go.

*Added On* I think she may in fact be leaving the show and the producers are just saying shes not to hold off the angry fans. They say we’ll still see her plenty and their giving her a big arc in season 6 BUT they said the same thing about Dianna Agron when fans got pissed she was leaving after season 3 and yet we only saw her two or three times in season 4.

I LOVED tonight’s Glee!

Aside from the serious lack of NYC and PezBerry, tonights episode of Glee was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. And I loved everything about their Nationals number! Focusing mostly on Tina, Artie, Blaine, and Sam was perfect! How they didn’t win, and Throat Explosions did made absolutely no sense. I did enjoy Skylar Astin’s character though. Also while I know I never liked Finchel or sometimes even Finn, I can admit that every flashback we got of him tonight was sweet in every way. I actually think this ep paid a better tribute to him then his actual tribute episode. And I LOVED Carol and Burt being there. 

Marley/Jake/Ryder scenes were all unnecessary though and completely random. Rather than that I would have preferred some NYC screen time. 

They should really allow Jessica Meyer (whocametodinner) to write more episodes. She’s clearly better at it then a lot of the other writers and she’s actually really just Brad Falchuks assistant. 


I could watch this all day… hahahaha It’s just funny =P

THIS is why PezBerry need to be friends again and Naya shouldn’t leave Glee! 


I could watch this all day… hahahaha It’s just funny =P

THIS is why PezBerry need to be friends again and Naya shouldn’t leave Glee! 

No one may be able to admit it, but I know EVERYONE would probably feel just as Rachel does if they were in her shoes too. Had Santana actually discussed it with Rachel first the whole thing could have been avoided. Santana didn’t because she was jealous. She said so herself she knew Rachel would be upset and it would end in argument. Santana deserved that slap and so much more. Everything she said was awful and at that point she was just be malicious. There may have been a few truths in her rant but her delivery was awful. AND I really don’t thing Rachel took her to that shoot to shoe it in her face, she seemed completely genuine in her just trying to make Santana feel better. Santana thinks Rachel was doing it to shove in her face, because that is exactly what SANTANA would do.

AND yes I understand that she auditioned for THE UNDERSTUDY, BUT Rachel was very much correct when she said the understudy can only win if the star loses. And the understudies main want is for the star to fail. AND look at how offended Santana got about being in the background of Rachel’s photo shoot. Do you really think she would be okay for long being the second option for Fanny?